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The Book Kitchen

The Book Kitchen is located on Devonshire Street in the culturally rich Surry Hills. With a 10 minute walk from Central Station, Sydney — The Book Kitchen is the perfect place to have a good meal or a good cup of coffee. And if you haven’t noticed, a good book to read just to add to your little dining experience or just a little personal getaway from the buzzing of the city. This was our lunch experience at The Book Kitchen:



TBK caesar – pork belly, white anchovies, baby cos, cherry tomatoes, croutons, soft poached egg, parmesan dressing $18
Jessica: My all time favourite salad to have! The pork belly was a nice surprise to replace the traditional bacon that is usually added. It looked super crispy – which it was, but what I loved was that the meat was super tender and soft once you bite into it. Cherry tomatoes were fresh and sweet. I loved the croutons, it tasted like sourdough with a hint of olive oil. I would’ve loved more caesar dressing though. Perfect dish to have, it is light but will fill you up and won’t leave you feeling bloated! 8/10


Wagyu burger – soft centre of braised shin, beetroot relish, cos lettuce, smoked garlic aioli, brioche roll with chips $19
Jimmy: I have had quite a few burgers here and there, this was the first burger that I have had that oozed a great blend of flavours and textures of that of a “normal” Wagyu burger you would usually get. The two pieces of wagyu beef were incredibly soft and juicy, the garlic aioli complimented the meat nicely and the cos lettuce was fresh and gave it a little crunch. The brioche roll tasted beautifully soft and had a slight sweet taste and I actually prefer this to the sesame buns or the common leavened bread. The star of the burger award would most definitely go to the beetroot relish. This really made the burger for me, the flavour was delicious and nice on it’s own also. Warning that if you eat burgers as sloppy as me, it may get insanely messy so probably stay away from this dish if your wearing your best. In addition, the chips that came with the burger were a nice change. Chunky and seasoned nicely, a lot more filling than your usual straight, thin or french fries. 7.5/10


Iced mocha $6
Jessica: You have the option to have this with some ice cream or just over ice, I chose to have it over ice. Coffee flavour was good, it had a nice aroma to it and there was the perfect amount of chocolate in it too! 8/10


Orange and almond meal flourless cake $4
Jessica: O-M-G.. You could tell from the first bite that this little cake was made with love! I loved the fact that you could see some orange pulp throughout the cake. The cake was the perfect texture, it was moist and not crumbly at all. I absolutely loved this and I would go back JUST for this little cake. This would be a perfect treat to have with coffee, as the marmalade is quite sweet. I couldn’t get over how amazing the orange flavour was and how moist the texture was. A must try when you come here!! 9.5/10

Final Thoughts

Jessica: I really enjoyed dining here, the staff were very friendly and polite. I love the interior, it looks very welcoming. They have a bookshelf with an extensive range of cook books and some good reads if you were looking for a place to wind down and relax. Food and drinks were above average, I would highly recommend this little cafe/restaurant for lunch or breakfast. I’m hoping to try out their breakfast menu the next time we come back. This is definitely a place their surrounding competition should take notice of!


Jimmy: The Book Kitchen has all the makings of a great dining spot. Perfect location right across the famous Bourke Street Bakery, The Book Kitchen is a beautiful spot to stop, relax and enjoy a meal or drink. Though we didn’t read any books, it did not reduce the peaceful atmosphere. Dog walkers and casual diners stopped by to have a cuppa or a light meal. Food was nicely presented and executed well. Service was very friendly and they weren’t afraid to hold a conversation with you.



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255 Devonshire St, Surry Hills 2010
0420 239 469
Open 7 Days // Breakie & Lunch from 8am

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