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Fratelli Fresh


Fratelli Fresh, located on Bridge Street in the Sydney CBD offers so many options for the common food goer. Fratelli Fresh has a little area where you are able to purchase beautiful produce ranging from olive oil, cheese and herbs. The evidently popular Cafe Sopra and Santa Vittoria Apperitivo Bar convenient for those waiting in line to dine. Also with a few private dining areas, Fratelli Fresh provides alot of depth in terms of food and beverage. With three stores  situated in Potts Point, Wynyard and Alexandria, Fratelli Fresh shows success and a good following. We dined at Fratelli Fresh Bridge Street and was a spontaneous visit to the Italian restaurant. The interior of this restaurant is great, there is an open kitchen situated close to the entrance as you walk in. Which is nice as you get to see the chefs doing what they do best as you wait in line – the wait could be long depending on the timing of your visit, though Fratelli cleverly provides seating areas and beverages to order whilst you soak in the buzzing atmosphere. Look around and you’ll see open kitchens that gives the restaurant such a lift. What’s nice about the open kitchen, bar and dessert bar is that they have tables along them for you to sit and chat with the chefs and bartenders. This was our Fratelli Fresh “esperienza!”

Open Kitchen

Tagliatelle w/ meatballs

Tagliatelle with Meatballs and Fresh Tomato Sauce

Jessica: I had high hopes from this dish.. the good thing about this dish was that the pasta was cooked well. But the major let down were the meatballs. They were cooked okay, but there was something missing with the  flavour wasn’t there. It needed a salty element in it, like more cheese or maybe just some salt. Also, the meatballs were very large which made it a little harder to eat, if they were bite-size pieces then I would have enjoyed it more. I usually prefer the white creamy based pastas over the tomato based pastas so next time we go I will definitely try a different pasta.

Jimmy: This was the first time I had tagliatelle and wow, the quality was beautiful. Similar to fettucine the silky ribbons of the tagliatelle for me were very overpowered by the size and lack of flavour of the meatballs. The meal was decent and is ideal for sharing with a few other dishes.


Ham, Salami, Spicy Chorizo, Tomato & Buffalo Pizza

Jessica: It is not amazing, but it is definitely not a disappointment! The spicy chorizo added a kick to the pizza that was needed, without it the pizza would have just been average. I was expecting a thicker dough to the pizza but to my surprise it was pretty thin. Which is a good thing because you get to taste all the flavours on the pizza better! I thoroughly enjoyed this, and I cannot wait to try their other pizzas.

Jimmy: Who doesn’t love a pizza cooked straight out of a traditional wood-fire oven! The flavours were all in the meat. For those that cannot handle spicy food, don’t be put off by the “spicy chorizo” as this was not overly spicy but enough to give a little punch to the overall pizza. The slices are large and had no complaints, worth $22 in my opinion.


Orange & Almond Cake with Caramelised Oranges

Jessica: This dessert was better than expected. The cake was moist and didn’t crumble on me at all. The caramelised oranges were nice and sweet! The weird thing about the cake was that the top layer tasted really bitter.. the caramel sauce and the sweet whipped cream was essential to tone it down.


Vanilla & Yogurt Pannacotta, Champagne Jelly, poached peach & gingerbread biscotti

Jimmy: Fratelli Fresh offers a mouthwatering and hard to choose dessert/dolce menu. What drew me to choosing this dish was champagne jelly and how it would go with the pannacotta and poached peach. For me, this would be excellent if the pannacotta was halved in portion. I know it may seem crazy, though the flavour in combination was great whilst the champagne jelly, poached peach and biscotti lasted. The pannacotta on it’s own was not bad, I guess my taste buds needed something with it. The champagne jelly was nice as well as the poached peaches!

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and we would go back again for a second round, but with different dishes of course! If you are looking for the Wynyard restaurant, it is on Bridge St and is across the street from the Exchange Centre (next to Rockpool Bar and Grill). Google map tells you that it is next to the Exchange Centre but it is wrong! It took us quite a while to realize Google maps was wrong and it was in fact across the street. A great restaurant with friends or family, the atmosphere and service was upbeat and would recommend to those wanting to dine at an Italian restaurant.

Open Kitchen2

FOOD: 7/10

SERVICE: 6.5/10
FOOD: 6.5/10


Tagliatelle with Meatballs and Fresh Tomato Sauce: $22

Ham, Salami, Spicy Chorizo, Tomato & Buffalo Pizza: $22

Orange & Almond Cake with Caramelised Oranges: $14.5

Vanilla & Yogurt Pannacotta, Champagne Jelly, poached peach & gingerbread biscotti: $14.5


Fratelli Fresh

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Circa Espresso


Coming in at number 8th top cafe of 2013 in Sydney out of 100 according to Beanhunter, Circa Espresso is a little hidden gem located in Parramatta. Only a short walk from the popular Westfield Shopping Centre, why wouldn’t you visit Good Cafe Guide’s ‘Best Cafe’ award as well as ‘3 cups’ award winner? With both indoor and outdoor seating, you may enjoy your coffee and meal surrounded by a beautiful artsy environment. The cafe is narrow though the use of creative use of space is not a problem and each section of the cafe has a different vibe. Well, this was our breakfast experience at Circa Espresso.


French toast with cinnamon, mixed berries and pistachio nuts

Jessica: This is a very hyped up dish. With that said, it is definately WORTH the hype! It was everything I expected it to be. It was so full of flavour! The bread was soft and was very fresh. It definitely isn’t the most healthiest breakfast, something that you should have for breakfast once in a while, not daily! The sweetness of the berries worked well with the sour cream and the savoury slice of toast. The pistachio nuts added a nice crunch and texture to the dish. The only criticism I have is that I wish there was a second piece!


Mocha Latte

Coffee wasn’t burnt and it was the perfect temperature for me. I love it when baristas put in that extra time to create a pattern for you.

Breakfast granola with poached rhubarb, berries, natural yoghurt & honey

Jimmy: Out in the west you don’t get many quality food from cafe’s, though this little meal is worth the short trip to Parramatta. Healthy and tasty, it ticks all the boxes for a great start to the day. Look at the beautiful fresh fruit and pistachios! Full of texture and flavour from the berries and yoghurt, for those that feel the meals a little dry, you may opt for milk on the side which is given in a nifty vintage milk bottle that adds a great touch to the overall experience.



One of the few places in Sydney that I can feel comfortable ordering a latte and getting exactly that. You know the lattes that aren’t quite lattes but more of a glass full of froth or milky to the point you can’t taste the coffee. What you get with Circa is a smooth creamy and flavorsome espresso coffee, not bitter at all and this time unlike the last was at the right temperature.

FOOD: 7.5/10
COFFEE: 7/10

FOOD: 6.5/10
COFFEE: 7/10

The coffee may be a little hit and miss depending on which barista you have on that day. But overall, coffee is good and the food there is even better. They do not only do a breakfast menu, but there is also a lunch menu as well. We will report back when we get the chance to try out their lunch menu.

Circa FBCirca Twitter

Circa Espresso

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri: 7am till 4pm
Kitchen Closes at 2pm

Circa on Urbanspoon

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The Sydney Picnic Co.

The Sydney Picnic Co.

“Picnics are always such a fabulous idea, outdoor fun at its best.”

This is a post acknowledging the great work of The Sydney Picnic Co. Simon and Natalie have provided a picnic that was more than expected. Their attention to detail and great passion for the work they do really topped off a great day for both me and Jessica. It was a picnic celebrating her 21st birthday and this picnic was a core to the day’s celebratory activity.

After searching the endless pages of Google for picnic ideas, it was The Sydney Picnic Co that I decided to choose and I’m guessing that I speak for many that have experienced their picnics that it won’t disappoint.


The beautiful handcrafted presentation includes a custom made menu that Jessica loved. The little small touches on each box that held the food was great as well as the organic sour dough baguette which tasted freshly baked. Presentation was impressive to say the least and the effort they have put into organising Jessica’s picnic was on display. Note: This picnic was held at Store Beach which is only accessible from kayak/boat so a big thanks to Manly Kayak Centre for their great services on the day (including picnic umbrella, table and champagne.)

Organic Sour Dough Baguette

If you are looking through their website and find that you are indecisive about your menu, Simon and Natalie are willing to change them to suit your needs. For example I liked the Father’s Day menu and well it wasn’t Father’s Day. They also delivered it to The Manly Kayak Centre for me although it was out of their area of the CBD, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shores, a small fee allowed for delivery. I was not able to return the basket (that it was supposed to come in) to them so they offered me the choice of the disposable boxes that I had no choice but to go with due to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to return their provided accessories. The boxes were actually a really neat alternative, with those facing the same dilemma should not hesitate to opt for this.

Australian King Prawn with Lime and Sihuan Salt and Pepper

The entree were the Australian King Prawns with lime & sichuan,  salt & pepper. The King Prawns were really well cooked and the dressing was tangy and gave a lot of flavour to the prawns. For those questioning food out of a box, these tasted like they were fresh out of the kitchen though they are supposed to be served cold.

Fregola with Free Range Chicken, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Beans, Preserved Lemon, Mint and Toasted Pepitas

The Main was Fregola with Free Range Chicken, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Beans, Preserved Lemon, Mint and Toasted Pepitas. Such a healthy meal and a serving that was just enough. Tasty and doesn’t fill you up, this was the first time I had Fregola and it was pleasant. Chicken was great and Jessica loves chicken, so bonus points.

Salted Valrhona Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Cream

Dessert. Dessert. Dessert! Salted Valrhona Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Cream, this was great. The chocolate was rich and with the vanilla cream great. Lovers of chocolate, this is a slice of heaven.

The Sydney Picnic Co provided a great afternoon for us. It made Jessica happy so these guys are the real deal. If you are planning a picnic or haven’t had an idea to celebrate an occasion or a just a day out, The Sydney Picnic Co should be on top of your list.

The Sydney Picnic Co.


Manly Kayak Centre


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