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North Bondi Fish


North Bondi Fish, Matt Moran’s latest restaurant with Peter Sullivan is located just across the road from the north end of the famous Bondi Beach. Opening from midday into the late evening, North Bondi Fish is the place to be for a great seafood meal or a range of exciting drinks. Since NBF opened up recently, we decided to dine here for lunch on Valentines Day. This was our experience:



Crumbed Calamari Rings – Lemon
Jessica: When you look at the photo the calamari rings don’t look that crunchy.. however, to my surprise there is a good crunch when you bite into it! These were crumbed perfectly, a good amount of flavour on the outside. The calamari was cooked very well, and they were seasoned well with salt. By itself they tasted above average.. but when you add lemon and the aioli, it gives extra punch and it’s sooo yummy! Please note that you may want to squeeze the lemon a little as you go… if you leave it for too long the lemon makes the crumb soggy. You do see that there are some herbs within the crumb mixture, I would’ve loved to taste a little more of those herbs. 7/10


Oysters – Pacific (right) and Sydney Rock (left) 
Jimmy: For starters I had the oysters. One of the Pacific oysters and the Sydney rock for the other. It was just one of those days, eating near the beach you kinda crave a little bit of oysters. For me it was interesting as they had two different types of oysters and when they came out, you could see the distinct differences. The Pacific oyster was a little larger in size and tasted very fresh. The Sydney Rock on the other hand was different in texture but gave a nicer after taste. The combination of the lemon juice and dressing was pleasant and didn’t over power the oysters. Not a big oyster fan but for those who love them, you should try the Pacific oyster. 6.5/10

King Prawns

King Prawns – Split, Lime, Oregano
Jessica: I ordered this dish on a whim.. As you know I’m not that big of a seafood fan, but I think my tastebuds have finally come around (about time) and I’m enjoying it more, the more I have it. I had seen some photos of the grilled prawns before, and they looked delicious! I wish the prawns that I received were a tiny bit more grilled.. I love seeing those grill marks. There was a slight hint of oregano, it did not overpower the prawn flavour, although I would’ve loved to have a bit more of that herb flavour. The prawns were cooked so well! It wasn’t a struggle to get the meat off the shell. I felt like the prawns by itself was missing another element, and that other element was the lime! Good thing I received a large slice of the lime, I practically drenched the prawns in lime juice. I wish that the lime flavour was already marinated within the prawn meat though. 6.5/10

Crab Linguini

Crab Linguini – Peas, Chilli, Lemon
Jimmy: I always have a soft spot for crab on the menu and after seeing a few images of this dish, it really got me excited to try it. The linguini was flavoured generously and never lost it’s depth of taste. For those that cannot handle an ounce of chilli, this was just the perfect amount and it never caused me any problems for the duration of the dish. The peas were a refreshing element and contrasted the texture of the beautiful crab nicely. 7/10

Fresh Mango


Fresh Mango – Mango and Passionfruit Sorbet, Coconut Tuille 
Jessica: My favourite part of this dish was the coconut tuille! Out of the two sorbet’s I enjoyed the mango one more. It was a lot more smooth in texture compared to the passionfruit. I felt like the mango sorbet captured the flavour of a fresh ripe mango more than the passionfruit sorbet did. The mango pieces were quite small, I think the dessert would’ve been more “fresh” if there were slightly bigger pieces of mango. 6.5/10

Jimmy: Who doesn’t love a good mango dessert. This was tantalizing my taste buds and when it came out, I just dug into the mango pieces. A overly simple dessert that is really quite refreshing and satisfying. The mango pieces were accompanied by passionfruit pulps and the sorbet was nicely flavoured. Really did wish there was more of the coconut tuille because it did lift the dessert, giving it a different texture. Simple but tasty. 6.5/10


Home Made Soda – Mango, Passionfruit, Mint (right)
Jessica: I really enjoyed this drink, it was light and very refreshing. If it is a beautiful hot summers day, then I would highly recommend this drink! The mango in it was a little too sweet, and I would’ve liked for the passionfruit flavours to be a bit more enhanced. The mint flavour peeked through in the right portion, it was definitely needed to make the drink more refreshing. 7/10

Ocean Breeze – Havana Club, Cointreau Peach Juice, Mint, Licorice Syrup, Lime (left)
Jimmy: I don’t usually order cocktails, but wouldn’t you with the cointreau, peach, mint, licorice and lime? It pretty much convinced me to order it. The bartenders were fun to watch, and the ingredients used seemed very fresh. They had a few fresh peach slices on a stick and that was a nice touch. You can tell this place could get very busy during the evening on drinks alone. 7/10


Final Thoughts:
Jessica: It was a great experience at this restaurant. Definitely a great place to have lunch or dinner if you are hungry and you happen to be at the beach. Their dishes are light, with fresh flavours and I think that’s what makes it perfect for their location. Staff are friendly, although I did see some slight service differences with our waitress when it came to serving different customers. However, it isn’t really a big deal. Food is great, and you get an amazing view of the beach as well!

SERVICE: 6.5/10

Jimmy: North Bondi Fish is a great place to have lunch or even a few drinks as the sun goes down and you’re at the beach. At a perfect location you can literally walk from the main side of Bondi to the other side to get to this little chic spot. Service is standard and food offers variety. It should be an option to look at next time you’re at the beach, it does get a little packed at times so it’s safer to make a booking in advanced.

SERVICE: 6.5/10


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