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Ristretto & Co


Ristretto & Co. is located in Liverpool, Sydney offering a range of coffees from the espresso to iced chai lattes. With a menu consisting of food for both breakfast and lunch with the addition of small pastries and sweets, Ristretto & Co is a breath of fresh air for the coffee scene in the area of Liverpool. It was a last minute decision to visit this little cafe, this was our experience:



Bacon and Egg brioche with provolone, aioli and smokey bbq sauce $9
Jessica: When I saw this in the menu I thought YES! I might actually be able to have a delicious bacon and egg like the one at The Boatbuilder’s Yard in Melbourne. The presentation was simple, and I liked that you could see the layers inside. Together, the burger was delicious, bread was nice and soft.. you could tell that it was fresh. The best part was the brioche bread and the beautifully melted provolone cheese! The cheese wasn’t too overpowering and was melted sooo well. The bbq sauce wasn’t ‘smokey’ like it was described to be though. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this! 8/10


Bircher muesli with mixed berry compote & fresh fruit $9
Jimmy: For those that haven’t had bircher muesli, it’s pretty much like rolled oats with the addition of grains/nuts, fruits that are infused with milk or yoghurt or whatever it would be. Anyway, this was a really nicely presented meal. The various berries and the touch of mint made this look tasty, it makes you want to just dig in. The flavour of the compote was generous making the bircher muesli enjoyable throughout. I wasn’t too sure about the fresh fruit and where that came in on the bowl, though it didn’t trouble me much it would have boosted this to a great breakfast. 6.5/10


Mocha (Right) $4
Jessica: The first thing that caught my attention was the colour of the coffee.. I thought it looked like there was no chocolate added in at all. In fact it practically looked like Jimmy’s latte. Second thing was that there was no pattern on the coffee. It’s no big deal but it’s the extra effort that makes a coffee more special. Coffee was the perfect temperature, and was not burnt. However, the sweetness of chocolate seemed to come more from the chocolate powder sprinkled on top. When you look at the glass you see chocolate settling on the bottom.. So I feel like the chocolate was not mixed in well with the coffee. Needed a bit more sweetness in my opinion. 6.5/10

Latte (Left) $3.50
Jimmy: Being extremely tired in the morning, I was really looking forward to the latte, and according to many reviews the coffee was of a high standard. With Ristretto and Co. using the Campos blend, I was always going to have high hopes for their coffee. Personally the froth was the perfect amount and the temperature was good. I can’t say much about the quality of the milk, it was quite bubbly and the pour evidently drowned the flavour of the espresso. 5/10


Salted caramel chocolate tart $5
Jessica: I noticed this baby from the moment I walked in.. at first I thought it was a dark chocolate tart but hearing that it was a salted caramel chocolate tart made it even more exciting! The salted caramel filling is so smooth and the bitterness of the dark chocolate layer balances out the sweetness of the salted caramel. Chocolate pastry was good, nice texture but I found that it was a bit fragile! Although it was delicious, you do need some water or coffee with it! 8/10


Final Thoughts

Jessica: I feel like this could be the “Circa Espresso” of Liverpool. It has some of the same elements as Circa Espresso… however it is not executed as well. I feel like their coffee needs a bit more improvement.. food is great though! Staff were attentive; the waitress noticed that our coffees hadn’t come out yet when she gave us our meals. But I feel like they lacked at making some small talk or conversations with us. When we were there it looked like they were still getting the place together, looked like they were going to paint something on the wall? It has a great location and has a lot of potential! I look forward to giving them another visit within the next couple of months to see the place completely finished.


Jimmy: Ristretto & Co have so much potential and thrive on so many aspects that are lacking in the Liverpool area of Sydney. The decor and interior are inviting and different from the major franchises that monopolizes the area. The back seating area is peaceful and a really nice place to kick back and relax in the morning or catch up with some friends, away from the busy roads. The place can only improve as they seem to be doing a large mural painting that is in the works as well as a large chalkboard tracking the FIFA World Cup. They also have a large TV screen towards the front so that could be interesting come the World Cup. The food was enjoyable and the service was standard. The coffee was a real let down and I really expected better, however this is a really nice place that you can rarely find in a place like Liverpool. Within walking distance of Westfield’s Liverpool, this place should be on your list of places to try next time you’re thinking of a place for brekkie!




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