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Circa Espresso


Coming in at number 8th top cafe of 2013 in Sydney out of 100 according to Beanhunter, Circa Espresso is a little hidden gem located in Parramatta. Only a short walk from the popular Westfield Shopping Centre, why wouldn’t you visit Good Cafe Guide’s ‘Best Cafe’ award as well as ‘3 cups’ award winner? With both indoor and outdoor seating, you may enjoy your coffee and meal surrounded by a beautiful artsy environment. The cafe is narrow though the use of creative use of space is not a problem and each section of the cafe has a different vibe. Well, this was our breakfast experience at Circa Espresso.


French toast with cinnamon, mixed berries and pistachio nuts

Jessica: This is a very hyped up dish. With that said, it is definately WORTH the hype! It was everything I expected it to be. It was so full of flavour! The bread was soft and was very fresh. It definitely isn’t the most healthiest breakfast, something that you should have for breakfast once in a while, not daily! The sweetness of the berries worked well with the sour cream and the savoury slice of toast. The pistachio nuts added a nice crunch and texture to the dish. The only criticism I have is that I wish there was a second piece!


Mocha Latte

Coffee wasn’t burnt and it was the perfect temperature for me. I love it when baristas put in that extra time to create a pattern for you.

Breakfast granola with poached rhubarb, berries, natural yoghurt & honey

Jimmy: Out in the west you don’t get many quality food from cafe’s, though this little meal is worth the short trip to Parramatta. Healthy and tasty, it ticks all the boxes for a great start to the day. Look at the beautiful fresh fruit and pistachios! Full of texture and flavour from the berries and yoghurt, for those that feel the meals a little dry, you may opt for milk on the side which is given in a nifty vintage milk bottle that adds a great touch to the overall experience.



One of the few places in Sydney that I can feel comfortable ordering a latte and getting exactly that. You know the lattes that aren’t quite lattes but more of a glass full of froth or milky to the point you can’t taste the coffee. What you get with Circa is a smooth creamy and flavorsome espresso coffee, not bitter at all and this time unlike the last was at the right temperature.

FOOD: 7.5/10
COFFEE: 7/10

FOOD: 6.5/10
COFFEE: 7/10

The coffee may be a little hit and miss depending on which barista you have on that day. But overall, coffee is good and the food there is even better. They do not only do a breakfast menu, but there is also a lunch menu as well. We will report back when we get the chance to try out their lunch menu.

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Circa Espresso

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri: 7am till 4pm
Kitchen Closes at 2pm

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