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Sabu is a modern Japanese restaurant located on Church Street, Parramatta. Sabu offers a varied menu, ranging from sushi, banquet platters, Japanese and Australian inspired dishes. Sabu is fast becoming the Japanese gem of Parramatta! Providing both indoor and outdoor seating as well as having a sake bar, Sabu Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar becomes an ideal place to dine for groups and couples in the Church Street eating scene. This was our experience as we dined at Sabu:

Tempura Zuichini


Tempura Zucchini Flowers – tempura zucchini flowers stuffed with prawn, sauteed shitake mushrooms, coriander and chilli with a sweet and sour sauce $16
Jessica: Loved the stuffed prawns in this! Prawns were tender, the tempura batter had good seasoning and a really good crunch too. I felt like it was deep fried for the perfect amount of time as it did not taste oily at all. My favourite part was the sweet and sour sauce, the hint of chilli in it wasn’t too overpowering and complimented the rest of the dish. 7/10

Jimmy: A bit of crunch, a hint of spice and a mouthful of flavour is what you get with this dish. The prawns and zucchini flowers worked well together, the batter was what made this really enjoyable to eat. It gave it a real punch of flavours and the sauce was a great addition. Works well as an appetizer, not too filling and gets you ready for the next dish. 7/10



Kaarage Roll – karaage chicken, cucumber, spicy mayonnaise and tempura crunch $16
Jessica: This was pretty average for me, everything tasted freshly made and flavours worked well together. But I feel like this is something you can get when you go sushi train. The only thing that stood out was the tempura crunch! Don’t get me wrong, this dish was enjoyable, it just did not stand out for me. 6/10

Jimmy: I really enjoyed this kaarage roll. With sushi, I really enjoy the cucumber and chicken combo and with this you get a really nice simple and delicious sushi roll. The tempura crunch was the winner of this, it gave the sushi an enjoyable texture and the spicy mayonnaise was not too spicy and went with the overall dish perfectly. A little over priced in my opinion but nevertheless enjoyable. 7/10



Mushroom Skewers – mushroom and zucchini skewed with truffle mayonnaise and tarragon $16
Jessica: Loooooved the shitake mushrooms!! They were grilled so nicely. Mushrooms and zucchini were cooked very well, mushrooms were soft and zucchini was still slightly hard which was a nice contrast. Surprisingly, the truffle mayonnaise complimented the dish well. However, I do think that $16 is overpriced for 3 skewers that only had a slice of zucchini and two pieces of mushrooms on them.. I think they should have at least 4 skewers for this price. 7.5/10

Jimmy: Robata pretty much refers to a method of cooking on a grill in Japan…I think. Jessica ordered these and I only helped myself to one of these skewers because I tend to enjoy enoki mushrooms more than the others. The mushrooms were nice and soft, there wasn’t much happening with this as it really was a little over priced for what was served which was pretty much mushrooms and zucchini grilled and poked onto a skewer. 5.5/10



Miso Butter Salmon – salmon with seasonal vegetables topped with miso butter sauce and micro coriander $28
Jessica: I was honestly so surprised to see that I enjoyed this dish more than I expected to! Skin was cripsy but the salmon was a little dry. However, the miso butter sauce had amazing flavour and made the salmon and added its needed moisture. Vegetables were cooked a little inconsistent as some were softer than others. but it didn’t bother me that much! 7/10

Jimmy: This dish caught me surprise, I had pictured something completely different. It seemed like a very simplistic dish consisting of two pieces of salmon and some veges. The salmon skin was very crispy and had a great flavour to it. The vegetables were nicely cooked and I really enjoy micro herbs so the micro coriander was a nice addition. The salmon was a little dry but had a great flavour to it. Now the star of the dish had to be the miso butter sauce, it gave a subtle but effective flavour to the salmon which without it would have been a below average dish. 6/10



Snow – pistachio and matcha crumbs, yuzu parfait, pistachio ice cream and pine foam $16
Jessica: When this was brought out to me I thought woowww!! Amazing presentation.. definitely fits the name of ‘snow’. The pine foam looked like whipped cream, but it takes you by surprise with an instant hit of lime flavour. As you dig into the layers it reveals the pistachio ice cream and the yuzu parfait. The pistachio ice cream was smooth and had a nice hint of pistashio flavour. However, when you eat all the elements together the lime flavours overpower the pistashio. I actually didn’t mind it because it was so tasty! The yuzu parfait reminds me of those paddle pop ice creams.. the Bulla brand ones you get at supermarkets where the flavoured ice block covers the vanilla ice cream – it reminds me of the green lime coloured one to be specific. The pistachio and matcha crumbs added a needed texture to the dish. Although I do wish the pistachio flavours were a little more enchanced, I thoroughly enjoyed this dessert! Something different to what Parramatta has to offer. 8/10


Kakusa –¬†Cripsy brick pastry with strawberry ice cream, chocolate soil, assorted nuts and raspberry anglaise shot $14
Jimmy: To be honest with everyone, I did not expect this at all. The presentation of Sabu’s desserts are amazing and their concepts are impressive. I went with the Kakusa because for one I really wanted to try the chocolate soil and two, I saw a mention of strawberry and raspberry, so Kakusa I did..

First of all the crispy brick pastry looks amazing on the plate and the placing of the different elements on the plate gives it a wow factor. Now to the dessert itself. The chocolate soil didn’t have the flavour I was imagining, since I never tried it before. It has a dry texture with a hint of chocolate. The soil in combination with the berries were enjoyable and the raspberry anglaise shot was delicious. The crispy brick pastry was a great addition to the dish and gave me a little fun using it to dip the different elements on the plate. The strawberry ice cream to me was the best part of the dessert. The flavour was amazing, I wish there was another scoop. 7.5/10


Green Tea Mula

Jessica: When I saw this I instantly thought of the Starbucks green tea frappacino.. It had the perfect mount of green tea flavour and sweetness. And I love that the texture was super smooth! Definitely comparable to the Starbucks one and I actually prefer the texture of this better. 8/10

Final Thoughts

Jessica: Love the look of this restaurant.. it is very appealing. Service was more professional than I had expected and they were very friendly as well. I love the way they present their wet hand towels (you’ll see when you dine there), its different and adds a little more to your experience dining there. Presentation was spot on, each dish looked beautiful. I do feel like some dishes are a little overpriced, however I would still recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a restaurant to dine at in the heart of Parramatta. I can’t wait to dine there again soon!


Jimmy: Lately we have been finding places to dine locally and I had my eyes on this place for a while due to the amazing egg shaped candles they had. It is a very nice place to dine, visually appealing and a great strip of restaurants surrounding it. From the moment we walked in we were greeted and felt welcomed. The service was polite and professional, the type you would not expect in many of the restaurants in Parramatta. The menu was interesting and the drink menu was extensive. For those wanting sake or whatnot, this is the place to go to. The food for the most part was very enjoyable, a little overpriced though the presentation of many of the meals makes you feel as if you’re fine dining. For the lovers of Japanese cuisine, put this on the list of places to eat next time you are in Parramatta, or even if you’re not, make a trip down there.


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