Vue de Monde

Australian chef, Shannon Bennet’s three chef hat restaurant situated on the 55th floor of the Rialto building offers an amazing dining experience looking over the Melbourne city landscape. With an Australiana theme and some French influence, Vue de Monde offers an A la Carte or Degustation menu worth going for. This restaurant was booked in advanced for Jimmy’s 21st birthday and we had such a great night that we decided to post up a few extra pictures for you! Now we didn’t upload every picture we had taken that night just to preserve the experience for those going for the first time, as it makes it much more memorable. This was our experience at Vue de Monde:

Table view


Potato CrispsWallabyEmu JerkyTruffle MarshmellowsSmoked EelENTREE:

Greenvale farm Pork, marron, wild herb cream
Jessica: The detail on the presentation is just amazing, look at the way that radish is curled!! The pork and marron tasted as good as they looked. Pork was soo tender, it melted in my mouth. Flavours of the pork and marron together were just meant to be, flavours weren’t overpowering – making it the perfect entree. 9/10

Jimmy: If you can’t decide what to get for your entree, this is a must. It’s like magic on the plate, visually beautiful and amazing on the taste buds. Perfectly portioned for an entree personally, with something that gets you excited for the next dish. First off the marron was cooked so beautifully that I could of had more. Pork melts in your mouth and the combination with the wild herb cream gave it a little more punch. I rate this entree highly. 9/10


Duck, apple, pine mushrooms, Gascony butter
Jessica: Again, just amazing presentation. Duck was cooked well and surprisingly the apple paired nicely with the duck. The mushrooms were okay, they had some subtle flavours but they weren’t anything amazing. However, the Gascony butter definitely brought the dish together. The saltiness balanced out the sweetness from the duck and apple. 7/10


Kangaroo, charcoal, onion
Jimmy: This was my second entree, and take nothing away from the amazing gastronomic experience you receive from the get go, this was a simple enough dish that was unique in many aspects. My first time eating kangaroo, I’ve heard in many cases that kangaroo meat can be tough, but in this case the kangaroo slices were cooked on some sort of heated piece of log, just seared on the one side that gave the meat a textual contrast. Onions were nice and soft, the onion cream eaten with the meat gives you a little extra kick.  6.5/10

Palate Cleanser:

Cucumber Sorbet with microherbs


Smoked eggplant, onions, thyme
Jessica: Oh my god, this dish was amazing. It arrived to me with a glass cloche over it, it looked very foggy inside. When the cloche was lifted, it revealed a trail of smoke coming from a piece of burning bark. It definitely added a sense of smokiness before I even started eating the eggplant! Now the eggplant itself was amazing, it was soft and salty, the beetroot and onion complimented the eggplant so well. While eating this, I couldn’t get over how amazing it was. I honestly never thought that one of my favourite dishes of all time would be an eggplant dish. 10/10


Mark’s catch, leek, black cabbage, oyster, tarragon
Jimmy: If I can recall, this meal was the kingfish, and just by looking at it, it may seem like it’s just a piece of fish with some greens. The leek and oysters gives this dish something special. The fish was cooked for the Gods! Perfectly cooked and it was a really nice piece of fish. If you like a beautifully cooked fish then don’t hesitate to order this. 7.5/10


Chocolate Souffle
Jessica: The texture was light and fluffy, and unlike the one Jimmy had at Guillaume at Bennalong, this one actually had a good amount of chocolate flavour! Actually, the flavour of chocolate seemed to grow the more you ate it. It was an above average chocolate souffle, but nothing amazing. It didn’t disappoint, but it didn’t blow my mind either. 7/10


Passionfruit, white chocolate
Jimmy: When you look at the menu and you see “Passionfruit, white chocolate” you probably wouldn’t imagine a dessert looking like this. I felt like I was in a science lab when the waitress brought this out and I was actually taking my time looking at each element on the dish. How do you even start digging into it and what do you use to eat it. Well i ended up eating everything with my hands which I don’t usually like doing, but this was an exception. This was a really fun dessert and if your after something different, you’ve got to try this. You can’t go wrong with passionfruit..or chocolate. 8/10


Petit Fours (Pennys)Petit Fours (shells)Petit Fours (Gumballs)Petit Fours (Lamington)

Final Thoughts
Jessica: All I can say is that this is by far the best fine dining restaurant I have been to. It’s hard to describe my experience, as I can’t seem to find the words to describe it! I had my clutch on the table, then a couple of minutes later a waiter brought me a stool so that my personal belongings had a seat too! The service is amazing from the moment you are greeted on ground floor. Once we reached the higher levels, the lift opened and there was someone waiting there to guide us to our table. When we reached our seats the table had some random pebbles on it.. as the night progressed we slowly found out what each pebble was for. I don’t want to reveal too much about this experience.. it is unique and I don’t think another restaurant can ever replicate this. It is something where you just have to experience it to understand where I am coming from. I guarantee you will not be disappointed, this is a restaurant that NEEDS to be on your bucket list!!!!!! Ps. book in advance!

SERVICE: 10/10

Jimmy: Me personally, I had very high expectations for this restaurant considering the price and great reviews that I have read about. There aren’t many restaurants that I can really say impressed me from the start, middle and end, however Vue de Monde is truly a wonderful experience. Their fine attention to detail in their presentation, food and even their decor and furniture offer the diner a memorable evening. Our experience at Vue de Monde was second to none. The dishes were fun and enjoyable and the service was at the most professional and skilled. This place is up there with the best places I have eaten at so far and will most likely stay there for some time. A unique and fun experience that truly offers so much more than expected.


Open Kitchen

Level 55, Rialto
525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
T: +61 3 9691 3888

Tuesday to Friday and Sunday
Reservations from midday to 2pm

Monday to Saturday
Reservations from 6pm to 9pm
Reservations are essential



Vu de Monde Website

Vue de Monde on Urbanspoon

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