The Boatbuilder’s Yard


The Boatbuilder’s Yard, you can’t miss it when you are walking from Crown Casino towards DFO. This is a little bar/cafe that serves up a delicious breakfast and lunch menu, along with coffee and alcoholic drinks too! We walked into this place not knowing what to expect, and it honestly was better than what it looks. The interior of this bar/cafe looks quite rustic and modern, giving it a very cool and relaxing feel.



Bacon and Egg roll with cheese and home-made tomato relish

Jessica: Yummmmmmm! This is so delicious, the bacon and the egg are cooked well, there’s nothing spectacular about them.. but the home-made tomato relish is the standout and makes this amazing! I don’t know what it is but the relish has a wow-factor to it, it gives the bacon and egg some life and I would definitely choose this over just a regular bacon and egg roll. You might think that the brioche bun is a bit odd to have for a savoury dish but it actually adds a nice sweetness and compliments the sweetness from the tomato relish. 7/10


Spanish Baked Omelette – Chat Potatoes, Caramelized Onions with Ham & Machego Cheese

Jimmy: If you wake up in the morning and feel like you could eat a big breakfast, this would be the type of meal you would order. Having never tried a Spanish baked omelette, I thought I would give it a go. Since I was a little hungrier than usual I ordered a side of chipolatas which are pretty much small grilled sausages. The omelette in all honesty did not have enough punch to it. It was a little tasteless at times, the chat potatoes and caramelized onions did little to enhance the flavour. The ham which was pretty much prosciutto was really strong in flavour so that went well with the omelette. The bread on the side was a little burnt and I didn’t have the best of times dodging the overcooked spots. The chipolatas were really good on the other hand and was cooked beautifully. The quantity was more than enough though it lacked in overall quality. 5.5/10

Final Thoughts

Jessica: This place has a great vibe to it, the service is great and you don’t have to wait too long for your coffee or food. Lovely place to have a relaxing breakfast or lunch! Sitting outside in the sun is quite nice, but beware of the flies that will swarm around you when you receive your food. From the looks of it, this place doesn’t receive as many customers as it should! Overall, I loved it here and will definitely go back when we visit Melbourne again.


Jimmy: I really enjoyed going to this place from my first visit. It has an overall sense of peace and you get a great feel of relaxation from overlooking the waterfront. The location is perfect, close to the DFO shopping centre and Crown Casino complex, there isn’t a more beautiful spot to enjoy breakfast or lunch. The Boatbuilder’s Yard being a cafe and bar offers customers a great array of good food and drinks, a place for those indecisive about a place to have breakfast and lunch like me and Jessica were.


PHONE: 03.9686.5088
FAX: 03.9686.5099


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