I’m Angus Steakhouse

I'm Angus

I’m Angus is situated along the beautiful dining strip of The Promenade Cockle Bay Wharf. It is one of six restaurants owned by Nick’s Restaurant and Bar Group. One of the six that we have dined at as of yet, and have decided to give a brief review of our second visit.

A steakhouse that offers a little for everybody, with an extensive wine list and a variety of cuts cooked to your liking. With a waterfront view for seating “outside” and a warm atmospheric feel for diners sitting “inside”, I’m Angus was our go to place on a lazy Thursday evening.

I'm Angus Open Kitchen

Our visit to I’m Angus was a spontaneous decision and the visit was not for any particular occasion, though we were not entirely hungry, we felt it was a nice place to sit and enjoy a quick meal. This was our second dining experience at I’m Angus Steakhouse.

Marinated Chicken Breast

Jessica: I know this is a steakhouse, but I can’t go passed my chicken breast! I had this dish when we came here for the first time and to be honest the flavour on the chicken was lacking, as from memory there was definitely some thyme flavours the first time round. The chicken was just a touch dry, but the olive oil helped moisten it up. The flavours worked well together, the onions made the dish sweet and balanced out the savoury flavour on the chicken. The best part of this dish are the tomatoes!! They have been soaked in some sort of magical liquid, tastes nice and tangy and the herbs that it was marinated in comes out when as you take a bite. I found myself taking small chunks of tomatoes with each piece of chicken I was eating. They need to put more of those marinated tomatoes on the plate! Just a note to keep in mind, the chicken takes about 25 minutes to cook! So you may want to order an entree first to pass time.

Grainge Tenderloin

Jimmy: My meal for the evening was the I’m Angus Grainge Tenderloin. I’m Angus “Grainge” Angus Beef, on their menu states: “From Gippsland Victoria the Grainge brand is exclusive to our meat supplier.” Angus cattle reared on grain for a minimum 150 days. MSA graded 3 with a marble score 1-2.” For those wanting more quality cuts and higher marble scores, I’m Angus also has a ‘Reserve Selection’ on their menu.

All of their steaks come with mashed potatoes and slow cooked baby onions which are cooked quite well. The mash is creamy and the baby onions are soft and flavorsome. I opted for the 160gm tenderloin though on second thought, I should’ve gone with the 250gm for those with a big appetite like me. Nevertheless the steak was cooked medium rare like I asked and the mash and baby onions, were enjoyable. Also had my first glass of red with steak combo and it made everything so much better. Though the glass of shiraz wasn’t the best, it accompanied the tenderloin nicely.

For those wanting a more versatile meal, try the Trio of Tom-Tom Lamb Cutlets. I had those for my first visit to I’m Angus and it was delicious. A little tricky to eat unless going all in with your hands, but the ratatouille was so good.

FOOD: 7/10

SERVICE: 6.5/10
FOOD: 6.5/10

Definitely recommend this restaurant for dining, we sat close to the kitchen so we were able to observe the chefs. They seem to be very hygienic and organised. We can’t comment on how their entrees are as we did not try it that night, but we will update you guys once we do go there again.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday
Lunch 11.30am – 3.00pm
Dinner 5.30pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday
Lunch 11.30am – 3.00pm
Dinner 5.30pm – 11.00pm
Sunday All Day
11.30am – 10.00pm

T: 1300 989 989
F: (02) 9264 5889


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